About Us

We Have 25 Years Of Experience In This Field

'Ariska Services' is the India's new start-up, which is an online based home appliance service platform. Our platform helps customer to book reliable & hassle free services like ; air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine , front load washer, freezer, microwave, ovens, Inverter battery, electrician, car machenic etc. Delivered by our well trained & qualified professionals conveniently at your home .

Our vision

We have seen many times that the motherboard of the customer's appliance is damaged again and again, so the technician has to visit the customer's house again and again and the technician also charges the customer repeatedly for repairing the mother board. Due to which the customer gets very upset. Don't worry we have an idea to solve this problem. " We will provide 6 months warranty for your appliance motherboard and charge only one time ,3 months warranty for spare parts

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